Why I am not getting my Classified Ads activation link in my email?

So you are doing ad posting jobs and some of classified site May not sending your link to active your ads or take so much time to receive the confirmation link. So what is the solution?

Suggestion 1:

Are you logged in into the same email address?  Make sure to login on the same email account that already used to post your ads!

Suggestion 2:

First of all make sure to check you’re your spam folder because some of classified site may send thousands of email per day Caused marked as spam on Google. If you can see any email to activate your classified ads into your spam folder then simply follow the instruction.

Suggestion 3:

Does it past so many time and still you are not receive any classified ads activation link? Why not be smart by visiting back to that particular classified site and check out the last successful posted ads activation date! If you can identify any recent ads post few hours back that’s means the classified site are in working condition and their might be internal problem Cause error sending activation link. You can try after few hours. Or if you can identify any recent ads posted few day back that’s means admin of that classified site will approved and send your activation link after 2-3 days. And lastly if you can see that the last as posted more than 10-25 days ago that’s means their might some big problem into that classified site and you have to ignore posting ads on it.

Suggestion 4:

Don’t forget to check out the dashboard or my listing page to verify whether it’s already active or not. Some of classified site advice you to active ads by clicking activation link sent to your email but if there is an internal error happened they will auto active those ads and provide the published ads links into Dashboard or my listing page.

Remember on next month while you are posting new ads don’t forgot to check out such website again , most of the time any error in classified site may be fixed after a month.

Hope that help.